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Beta-shopping - Alucard & Seras [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Beta-shopping [Oct. 28th, 2012|02:47 pm]
Alucard & Seras


[mood |blahblah]
[music |Discord - The Living Tomstones Remix]

Hello, all.

I'm in the market for a beta-reader. I'm new to the community and to this corner of fanfiction, but not to the series or to fanfiction herself. If I haven't lost you yet, please venture beneath the cut to learn more. (If this is not allowed here, I apologize profusely).

I've been writing for almost two decades. To view an example of my work for Hellsing, go here. Keep in mind that I'm still feeling out the characters and it's a quickie one-shot.

I'm an Alucard x Seras shipper. It doesn't matter if you are, as well, but I thought it'd be fair to warn anyone who might be interested.

I have a shitty sleeping schedule and I chose "erratic" as a pen-name for a reason. My main beta and writing buddy will tell you that I'm HORRIBLE with things like "deadlines" and such; I normally defer to her, but she's not a huge anime/manga fan.

Which brings me to another point: I picked up the manga when it came out a million years ago and only recently re-read and finished it. I haven't watched the anime - I did years ago, but only an episode. Someone fluent in both would be nice, if possible, but not entirely necessary; I enjoyed the manga thoroughly, but I tend to fuck with events a lot.

I also swear a lot. I lose focus and I'll go through a hundred fandoms before circling back. Sometimes, I need a smack on the ass to get in gear. (Not literally). Brainstorming with someone on Hellsing would be awesome, but keep in mind that some of the shit that comes out of my mouth is ridiculous. Feel free to smack some sense into me. I need someone with a critical eye that will catch my mistakes/discrepancies and isn't afraid to offer some advice or tell me if something sounds off. I don't do too well with compliments. I'm horribly obsessive. I think the avatar is an apt enough description of my brain.

I will bombard you with documents and sometimes send you links and music I'm convinced you need to experience, but you probably don't want to. Sorry. Just a head's up.

Those are all of the cons (I think?).

Modes of communication preferred:
- Gmail.
- Dropbox.
- Google chat (ties in with Gmail)
- Skype (chat/typing, not voice or cam).

If interested, please email me: the.erratic.hippie [at] gmail.com (I don't use my LJ mail because it's quasi-retarded and there's so much junk in there, I'm too lazy to go through it all. Email is best).

Thank you in advance.